Question: How it works?

You can earn by viewing Ads. We give you Points for every Ad View. We will ask a simple question after displaying every Ad, just to confirm that you have really viewed the Ad.

How many Points will I earn for each Ad View?

You will get 1125 Points for First Ad View.
You will get 99.00% (of current Points) for each next Ad view, and so on. Here a table for first 10 Ad Views Earning.

We use following formulla: NewPoints = max(floor((PreviousPoints)*99.00%),1)

Serial Number New Earning Points for This Ad View Description Total Earning Till Now
1 1125 First Ad View 1125
2 1113 99.00% of 1125 Points 2238
3 1101 99.00% of 1113 Points 3339
4 1089 99.00% of 1101 Points 4428
5 1078 99.00% of 1089 Points 5506
6 1067 99.00% of 1078 Points 6573
7 1056 99.00% of 1067 Points 7629
8 1045 99.00% of 1056 Points 8674
9 1034 99.00% of 1045 Points 9708
10 1023 99.00% of 1034 Points 10731
Total Earning after 10 Views: 10731 Points (Equivalent to 107.31 Rupees)

Why do I need to refer a friend?

Initially we give you only 10 Ads to view.
After that we will stop showing Ads for earning. You will need to refer friends to become eligible for more earnings.

We will show another 10 Ads for referring 1 friend. Here is a table for quick reference

Total Friends Referred Total Allowed Ad Views for Earning
0 10
1 20
2 30
3 40
4 50
5 60
6 70
7 80
8 90
9 100
10 110

What is the value of 1 Point

1 Point is equal to 1 Paisa, only when you earn 1 Lakh points.
It means, once you earn 1 lakh points, it will be equal to 1 lakh paisa (One Thousand Rupees)

When can I withdraw money?

You need minimum 1,00,000 Points (One Thousand Rupees) to request a withdrawal.

What are ways to get paid?

Currently we support 3 ways. Either you can request payment via Paytm, or UPI or IMPS/NEFT in your bank account.

Do you charge any signup fees?

No, we don't charge any fees. It is absolutely free!! And it will be free to use in future also.

Why do you pay to view Ads?

We have tie up with some companies, who pay us for viewing Ads. So we give you the same. We just request you that please view each Ad Carefully, and you should also give response to Ad Company if you find the service / product useful for you. Finally they are paying us, so we should give some value in return if we could.

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